Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Queen Harish and Colleena Shakti:

A new Chapter in Bellywood history…
Performance and workshop tour: August 2009

Our favorite dancing desert drag queen and innovator of Indian fusion belly dance bring to you the first chapter in Bellywood history. Comic, elegant and delightfully fresh, Queen Harish and Colleena Shakti whirl together Bollywood, Fusion Belly Dance, Indian Classical and Rajasthani ‘Gypsy’ dances with climactic emotion.

*‘Queenz’* is a fluid one hour show contrasting the many faces found in Indian cinema. Bellywood dance is created as Queen Harish and Colleena tie Belly Dance and Bollywood together with finishing touches of Rajasthani ‘Gypsy’ dance. This stage performance highlights all new solo and duet pieces set to a most bizarre and eclectic soundtrack.

· Bellywood Breakdown:
Part One:

Technique: Setting the stage for fusion
-Basic footwork to understand where we keep the rhythm in our body in Indian dance
-Postures and arm movements. This is where the elegance styles of Bollywood get their moves!
-Spins: Techniques and mysteries revealed.
-Eyes, head and torso movement to give softness to your dance.
Belly Dance:
-Basic and original movement vocabulary used in our fusion.

Part Two: Style, emotion, sequencing and choreography!
Bollywood: Mujra style
-Sequencing movements with a song
-Emotion: facial expression and using the moves to tell a story
Bellywood!- A fusion all our own, you’ll have to come to see for yourself!

The first half of the workshop is technique based, with an introduction to classical Indian dance technique (both Kathak and Odissi). There will be a clear break down of postures, spins and common movements that we will use through out our course. Indian aesthetics will be discussed and subtle stylistic details will be revealed to teach students not only the movements, but the personality and life of Indian dance.

Kathak offers excellent techniques in understanding rhythm with the body through footwork and has various beautiful spins which we will practice. The movements of Kathak are identical to the Bollywood Mujra dances. Odissi technique for eyes, head movement and mudras are a wonderful way to enrich your dance with refinement of details.

Belly Dance movements which we will be working with will be drilled and later sequenced together to guide us into the fusion.

After establishing technique we move into the elegant Bollywood dance style from the romantic epic films about court dancers: Mujra. Sequencing together movements and slowly layering in emotion and expression, a small ‘semi- classical’ choreography will be presented in the Mujra style. It will be full of languid expression and oozing charm, the dance will surely melt your heart.

Bellywood… A whole new kind of dance mixing the serpent like movements of Belly Dance with the poses and personality of Indian Bollywood dance. A short choreography will demonstrate the possibilities of this style.


· Rajasthani Dance:
A complete introduction to the most beautiful tribal dance of India. Main focus will be on Khalbelia ‘Gypsy’ style dance which is known for its witty charm and rapid spins. A wide range of movements will be taught along with short sequences. Queen Harish and Colleena share their experience and secrets to creating an improvisational performance in Rajasthani dance.

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